Version 2.3 of Polyphone brings a better sample management and a more accurate sound engine, fully compliant with the sf2 specifications.

Version 2.2 of Polyphone doesn't include a lot of new things but brings several interface improvements and fixes small inconsistencies.

Version 2.1 brings a full support of modulators, giving another dimension to the soundfonts being played!

Polyphone has been deeply reworked for the major version 2.0 and is now connected directly to the online soundfont repository.

The soundfont upload for sharing your creations is now available! In addition to this feature, private collections can be used to organize soundfonts.

Version 1.9 brings a new view to edit key and velocity ranges. Minor bugs have been fixed and some improvements have been made for the ergonomics.

New soundfont repository now available! The website development goes on and you can now enjoy a lot of soundfonts as free material for your creations.

Version 1.8 is finally out, the efforts being mainly put to improve the interface and the existing tools. Another tool has been implemented to make easy the sample editing with an external application.

It's been long time that you wanted a forum: this is now done. Polyphone website has been completely reworked and also comprises the documentation.

Version 1.7 brings new views and features for better editing soundfonts.

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