Yamaha CFX Grand Piano

12 January 2020

Premium Piano Collection

The Yamaha CFX grand piano is the largest, finest and most expensive Yamaha grand piano.

This is the flagship collection of Yamaha. These pianos are hand-made and built in a special factory of Yamaha grand pianos. Bass strings and hammers are hand-made. Only superior materials are used in this collection, and. every aspect of construction is thoroughly examined by specialists.

The Premium Piano Collection is the leading choice of the finest schools and conservatories due to its rich sound, touch, consistency and durability. It is also used in many concert halls all over the world.

Yamaha CFX - Length: 9' 0" (275 cm). Price: around $180,000.


You will Sforzando or a similar quality .sfz app to use this instrument and have the ARIA engine installed.

These are free and available from: https://www.plogue.com/products/sforzando.html



Yamaha CFX Grand Piano.zip (40.57 MB, 12 January 2020)
Yamaha CFX Concert Grand.png (299 KB, 12 January 2020)


  • Jeff Learman

    This is a resampling of a digital piano or sampled piano.  The original had one sample per 3 to 6 notes, so sampling every note is wasted space but otherwise harmless.  Only one velocity layer is sampled, but there are no SFZ controls to make the lower velocity notes softer in tone.  It was a soundfont converted to SFZ format by the Aria converter.  The sample for the F4 to Bb4 region is annoyingly tinny.  That said, it's a playable piano for background use.

    The notes from low A to low Bb are not mapped, but that's an easy fix to the SFZ file.

  • JT

    Please check the updated soundfont I have uploaded.



  • nguyen

    I'd appreciate pretty much if you remade this soundfont.I recommend recording every key longer, since most of them have too sudden cutoff at the end.Really like this soundfont.

  • Ratchaphon      Phuphong

    please review SF2

  • Vlado

    Excellent instrument and samples good.

  • JT

    @mrbrunswick - Please do everyone a favour: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. It very clearly states that you must have the minimum installed to use this soundfont. To clarify: it is a multi-sampled, multi-directional instrument based on the ARIA engine.

    If you have what is listed you you will have a high quality piano at a fraction of the size: I have just tested it again from this repository and it is perfect.

    • mrbrunswick08

      @JT - I have a question, can’t you sampled all the notes one by one from A0 to C8 instead of sampling it into a whole .wav file, because for me it works all the time when I use other .sfz files that they sampled theirs one by one. P.S I use MIDI Voyager but not Sforzando because MIDI Voyager also supports .sfz files too.

      If you fixed the samples, let me know and fix the download link for it.

  • mrbrunswick08

    Pls fix the soundfont, for me it says Could not load soundfont! (Maybe you forgot to exclude the samples or copy the samples into the SoundFont.) 

    • nguyen

      The .sfz is having wrong syntaxes in many opcodes.You need to fix that file, manually.It's quite easy because you only need notepad to edit.

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