String EFX

Mick Gordon
21 February 2017


mick_gordon_string_efx.sf2 (26.97 MB, 21 February 2017)


  • Arianna

    I really enjoyed your Strings EFX SoundFont so much, that I used it as a Sound Effect that I uploaded on

    BTW, What was the name of your Orchestra that performed these Samples? And can you please let your String Orchestra create a String Orchestra SoundFont by NOT just creating String Sound Effects, but record Chromatic 5 Layered Velocity Samples.
    Each Preset will contain Each Section in the Orchestra, including multiple articulations, and the Soloists/Section Member, for example, Bank 0 Preset 1 1st Violins Sustain, Bank 2 Preset 1 Violoncello Solo Pizzicato, etc.

  • Tom Reinhardt

    For such a small collection, these are very useful!

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