Crisis General Midi v3.01

Chris Maricourt
20 February 2017

Everybody can download and use it freely for a home usage. Any redistribution must be allowed by the author (see the bismutnetwork website).

Wagner (ride of the Valkyries)

Jeff Hest (begin the beguine)

Star Wars (imperial march)

Doom 2 (the pit)



CrisisGeneralMidi301.part01.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part02.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part03.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part04.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part05.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part06.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part07.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part08.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part09.rar (90 MB, 20 February 2017)
CrisisGeneralMidi301.part10.rar (2.74 MB, 20 February 2017)


  • bottrop

    dont worry if you cant download this soundfont, it is outdated, just made for the size. in 2006 1 Gb was amazing, it took me three hours to download it then and only the woodwinds were reasonable quality. these days you can find much better on the wwweb.
    i dont understand why Polyphone is still wasteing bandwidth on this sf2

  • G

    i can't even download the first one cause it keeps saying "Failed - Network error" every time when it gets to a certain point in the download (and the download takes WAY too damn long by the way)

  • Benjamin D Voissem

    Love that remix of Into Sandy's City--do you have a YouTube channel for stuff like that?

  • ThatOne02Guy

    Part 4 will not download, any help?

    • AGA23


  • hahter73

    Доброго дня. Незаменимая вещь для любителей и музыканту. Большое спасибо за материал. 

  • Nohshow

    Sadly, part 10 doesn't download for me, either.  The rest are fine but I probably won't be able to get at them without the rest of the archive.  Nevermind, it's been a productive day otherwise

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