The forums on this website have as main vocations:

You will find below rules for these goals to be met. Any content that violates any of these rules will be deleted.

Helping for Polyphone development

The forum allows you to propose changes or describe a bug you would have found.

  • Be accurate in your posts and titles so that the future reader can easily understand.
  • Illustrate or give examples if possible, to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Be patient for the development of the software.

Assisting new users

Along with the documentation, the forum is the best place to help you out.

  • Before asking a question, please use the search function to check that the subject has not been already discussed.
  • Remember that if someone helps you, this is a favor you receive. So be patient and grateful for the responses you get.

Sharing soundfonts

This site allows you to present soundfonts to other users.

  • Always check that sharing is allowed, do not violate licenses.
  • Specify if possible the source.

Exchanging ideas

You will meet many people to listen to your ideas.

  • Respect the subjects of the forums.
  • Be open to dialog and do not impose your point of view.

Above all, be polite and kind!

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